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The Discourse on Language

Recently I read Michel Foucault’s The Discourse on Language, where he discussed his thoughts and ideas about discourse. Michel Foucault is a modern French philosopher who focuses on power, knowledge, and language. Foucault believes that discourse is always being regulated in some sort of way and that it also provides limits on what can and can’t be said. In doing so, it limits what can be said and what can be replicated. He says we should be inviting the messages that we want to be communicated to people.


In his article, Foucault also goes into the discussion of speech, desire, and power: he claims that speech is the object of desire. Our entire world is shaped by speech and power. Many of the most powerful people in the world also know how to give powerful speeches. He emphasizes the idea that language is very powerful and can hold a lot of influence- which I completely agree with. He also says that language can do both a lot of good and a lot of harm- which I also agree with. Our choice of words and style of speaking can not only help with a position of power, but it can also help other people in defining who you are as a person in determining your character.

Road Trip: Furman Baseball video

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.03.47 PM

This past weekend I traveled to Charleston, SC for my boyfriend’s baseball series against College of Charleston. Three other girlfriends and I surprised the boys by showing up to the game and staying for the weekend. It was really fun to watch them play somewhere other than in their own stadium! We had a great road trip to and from and love supporting the team, win or lose. Here is the link for my video! I used final cut pro instead of using premier by adobe because that’s the software I’ve used before for previous projects and am most familiar with. I hope you enjoy!

Business Cards

Personal Business Card

For my personal business card I wanted to share my information in a fun way that reflects my personality, this is why I chose girly fonts and different shades of pink. I chose to use graphics that had a Paris-like characteristics on both sides of my card since my made up title is a personal shopper and Paris is known for fashion and shopping.


Harrington Regular

Gill Sans Light

Personal_Business_Card          Back_Personal_Busines_Card

Professional Business Card

For my professional business card I wanted to share my information in the most concise, clear way possible while still having an attractive look. I chose a clean white background with blue text so that it would pop and draw the eye to the words. On the back I chose a pattern that was more fun, yet classy, but also relates to my job title.


Trajan Pro Bold

Bickham Script Pro Bold

Times New Roman Regular

Professional_Business_Card          Professional_Business_Card_Back

Filter Blogging

Filter blogging is blogging that is focused on collecting information from several different sources and packaging it in a concise way that sums up the whole story. Filter blogging is gaining popularity, but is still a relatively new form of news source. I used the Hillary Clinton email scandal as my topic to give you all an example of what filter blogging is like!

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